Together with my colleague Cristina Barreiro I am running a training program through The Actors Hut. A collective where we developing workshops with a focus on connections, actor’s authentic performance, and the individual actor’s uniqueness

The Actors Hut’s philosophy is to enable the actor to find personal connections to the text, not fixed but experimented with for discovery.

The Actors Hut’s mission is to work in a socially and ethnically diverse environment for a collaborative and exploratory actor training space.

The workshops are based on tried and tested techniques taken from influential practitioners such as Stanislavksy, Chekhov, Lecoq as well as contemporary practitioners such as Eugenio Barba, David Krasner, Brian Astbury and Ariane Mounchkine.

Please visit The Actors Hut’s website to learn more about the workshops and like the facebook page for latest updates.