scenstudio Sthlm

The idea of scenstudio Sthlm was born during the summer of 2016 after I have moved back to Stockholm from London after 21 years abroad. I found that there was a lack of individual artistic support for actors, both in general and before an audition or a casting. Being one of the very few certified acting coaches in the country with a MA in Actor Training and Coaching I felt a need to fill that gap with my skills and experience.

Scenstudio Sthlm’s aim is to gather some of Stockholm’s best professionals in the field to provide the actor with an holistic, unique and tailored approach. First out is a collaboration with the two excellent voice coaches Fanny Cardell and Johanna Dahlbäck at RöstSmart. Both Fanny and Johanna are speech therapists and voice coaches with an an interest actor’s voice and dialects. Read more about our collaboration here. For more information about my coaching sessions and how they work please click on hear or click on ‘coaching’ and navigate through the dropdown menu .

Updates and news are posted on scenstudio Sthlm’s facebook page.

Welcome in!