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Photo: Snabba Cash – Netflix/SF Studios


Malin has a unique expertise in choreographing intimate scenes across various genres in TV and film. Her work is deeply rooted in artistic storytelling, and by applying a method based on trauma-informed and consent-based practices, she enables the implementation of best practices, safety, and well-being for both actors and the rest of the team. Malin’s work commences early in the script development or pre-production phase, and she is often invited as an integrated part of the artistic team.

In her role as an intimacy coordinator, Malin is the head of the department, responsible for handling intimate scenes. Her responsibility is to make sure these scenes are done professionally and with high quality while also creating a safe work environment, encouraging open communication, and making sure everyone is on board, all following industry guidelines and ethical standards.

Intimacy is individual and can be fragile, which is why it is crucial, regardless of the genre, to handle it with care through a structured process. Breaking down and choreographing an intimate scene opens up opportunities for the actors, providing them with greater freedom to deepen their character work while reducing the risk of crossing personal boundaries.

In simplified terms, one can compare intimacy coordination to stunt coordination, with the significant difference that the risks associated with intimate scenes are rarely physical, but rather emotional and psychological. This makes it considerably more challenging to identify and manage these, often subtle, risks. Therefore, it is essential to engage a qualified intimacy coordinator early in the process, with expertise in identifying and managing these risks.

As of March 2023, Sweden has adopted guidelines for intimate scenes in film and drama production. These guidelines recommend that production companies hire a qualified intimacy coordinator for intimate scenes.

The industry meeting 2022 - Intimacy Coordination.

In March 2022 Film & TV Producers, SF Studios, the Swedish Film Institute and the Union Scene & Film hold an industry meeting to discuss how the Swedish film and TV industry can work with intimate scenes in a more structured way – both to create a safe and inclusive work environment and to contribute to increased quality.

As part of this conversation Malin was invited, together with director Goran Kapetanović and actor Aliette Opheim, to talk about their collaboration during the work on the TV series Knutby (starts at 40:50).

Other participants are Yarit Dor, intimacy coordinator (UK), Jan Blomgren, chairman of the Film & TV Producers’ drama section, Kristina Linglöf, HR and communications manager at SF Studios and Simon Norrthon, chairman of Scen & Film.

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Film and TV.

YOUNG ROYALS S3 / Nexiko - Director: Julia Lindström/Jerry Carlsson/Linnéa Roxeheim

Photo: Netflix

ONDSKAN / SF Studios - Director: Erik Leijonborg/Daniel Di Grado

Photo: TV4

FEJK / SVT - Director: Maria Karlsson Thörnqvist

Photo: SVT

FARTBLINDA S2 / FLX - Director: Johan Lundin

Photo: Pär Bäckstrand/C More

Bara sex / SVT - Director: Maria Karlsson Thörnqvist

Photo: SVT

HÅLLA SAMMAN / Anagram - Directors: Maria Blom / Martin Larsson

Photo: SVT

PADELDRÖMMAR/ Helgeson Moll - Director: Anders Helgeson

Photo: TV4

LIK MEG S6 / NRK - Director: Anne Wisløff

Photo: Lik Meg/NRK

SANNINGEN / Filmlance International - Director: Linnéa Roxeheim


TAELGIA / Filmlance - International Director: Jens Östberg

Photo: Johan Paulin/SVT

HÄNDELSER VID VATTEN / Apple Tree Productions - Director: Mikael Marcimain


EN HELT VANLIG FAMILJ / Jarowskij - Director: Per Hanefjord

Photo: Nikolaj Thaning Rentzman/Netflix

FAKE PATIENT/ Iris Film - Director: Jon Blåhed

Photo: TV4/Cmore

SNABBA CASH S2 / SF Studios (post) - Directors: Jesper Ganslandt / Måns Månsson / Lisa Farzaneh

Photo: Johan Bergmark

Media Production.


LAURA / Kjellson & Wik - Director: Fanny Ovesen

Photo: Film i Väst

ÅREMORDEN / SF Studios - Director: Joakim Eliasson / Alain Darborg


Pirate Bay / B-Reel - Directors: Jens Sjögren / Patrik Gyllström

Photo: Stina Stjernkvist/SVT

MENINGEN MED LIVET S2 / FLX - Director: Tove Eriksen Hillblom & Maria Nygren

Photo: Viaplay

Subservience / Millennium Media - Director: S.K. Dale

Allt blir bra / Warner Bros. - Director: Josephine Bornebusch

Photo: Magnus Ragnvid/Netflix

BULLSHIT / Nordisk Film Creative Alliance - Director: Milad Alami

Photo: Soren Nagel

Ett ärligt liv / FLX - Director: Mikael Marcimain

Photo: Emil Hornstrup Jakobsen / Netflix

SCENER EFTER ETT ÄKTENSKAP/ B-Reel - Director: Anders Hazelius


KNUTBY S2 / B-Reel - Director: Goran Kapetanovic / Patrik Gyllström

Jönssonligan / FLX - Director: Eddie Åhgren

Photo: Johan Paulin/FLX

Helikopterrånet / B-Reel - Director: Daniél Espinosa / Jonas Alexander Arnby