“Your actors ruled! They delved deep into themselves to pull out emotions that usually are not seen. Kudos to the director also for helping them pull that dark matter out. And the writer for giving us just enough to put the story together without telling us what we are seeing. Show don’t tell, and your piece definitely showed!” Bill Curtis, performing artist (about the devised play Pro-Mia performed at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre, Malaysia)

“Throughout the years, I have enjoyed benefits of the passion, connection, and conviction that Malin possesses. Malin has an uncanny ability to look at an artistic block with a truly fresh set of eyes. It is this level of engagement then can truly “save” and redefine a performance.” Tim Howe, director

My two roles as a director and trainer are similar in their approach. I strongly believe in the importance of clear and open communication in a workshop and rehearsal situation, but most importantly, to have an enthusiastic attitude. Often the time is limited and wasted days are not an option. Bringing in enthusiasm into the studio makes it easier for the actors to open up, be more aware, more creative and start to make artistic connections and creative choices. This enable the actor to explore outside of their own comfort zone and  take ownership of their own working process. The result is a character that is alive and truthful.

Each actor has an unique background and driving force. As a director I work with and around what sets the individual actor apart from the rest. The experience from years as an actor helps me to understand the inner process the actor is going through. I am driven, engaged and enthusiastic and not afraid to take on a task that may seem impossible.

As a director I have been rewarded for two self-devised plays with The Overall Best Play Award (Pro-Mia 2010 and Over the Wild Animals 2011) at The Platform, Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre, Malaysia and the award for Best Foreign Director at The Malta International Theatre Festival  (Morke by Karoline Vembre 2014.