“What I really love about Malin is that she expresses her thoughts and speaks her mind without being afraid of what anyone else thinks. She really helped me to overcome my fear of forgetting lines by showing me exercises and games to learn them and which give me confidence. She was very committed to the whole process. We met often and she took great interest in seeing my growth as an actor over the year. Because Malin is an actor, teacher and director, her input was invaluable to me as she had three different perspectives to give. I look forward to working with her in future.”
-Fagun Thakrar, actress (Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain)


I have a master’s degree in Actor Training and Coaching from world-renowned Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (RCSSD) and has studied under world-class coaches Amanda Brennan (acting coach of Asa Butterfield, Johnny Flynn, Val Rampersad and more) and Mel Churcher (acting coach on Narnia, Harry Potter, Marco Polo to name a few).

Actors who have worked with me have been booked for parts in a variety of theatres / films and TV including series in BBC, TV4 and SVT (Sweden). Aspiring actors applying to drama drama schools and universities have been accepted to prestigious drama schools in Sweden, England and USA.

You may have asked yourself ‘do I really need an acting coach’. The truth is that you may not need it at all… not always… only sometimes… or maybe often.

Many actors like to work with an acting coach right before an audition. To get that extra boost that is so much needed to stand out.

A well prepared audition increases your chances to get the job. And remember, a good impression on the casting director may open up for other job opportunities. As an acting coach I can help you to make strong and bold choices and a grounded and solid performance. I don’t give stage directions or telling you how to perform in a certain way. Instead we explore the scene together until it feels like it’s second nature. I help you to bring out your essence. Your audition should look uncoached and natural. That is what we are looking for together, the actor and me.

My coaching sessions goes through Scenstudio Stockholm at Roslagsgatan 19 -Stockholm.

For other requirements please contact me directly.