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My one-to-one tuition is tailored for your individual need. Depending on your need the session may look a bit different. If you only need to see her once for example preparing for an audition or a self tape the focus will be on that very special moment. If you see me more regularly my focus will be to teach you the tools you need to succeed as an actor. After your first meeting I will develop an individual scheme of exercises based upon your specific requirements. The tools will give you freedom, independence and confidence in your further practice.



One-to-one sessions is for:

Professional actors preparing for an audition or who wants to work on any mentioned below.
Aspiring actors applying for drama schools
Singers/musicians who wants to work on their performance and stage presence

Every one-to-one session is different but may include any of the below:

  • make a self-tape
  • character preparation
  • audition preparation (self tape and/or physical audition)
  • text analysis
  • text memorization
  • move away from bad habits
  • get out of your comfort zone
  • basic acting skills (for new actors wishing to get into an acting career)
  • help with your stage fright

All levels welcome:

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Professional

A typical session takes 60 min.


My coaching takes place at scenstudio Sthlm, Gotlandsgatan 73C -Stockholm or via skype. For sessions and fees, please click here.



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